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About Greenspark Finance

We are your integrated eCommerce accounting, finance, and operations partners. Specializing specifically in digitally native CPG brands, we come to you as partners and want to be in the trenches with you to operate and find the best path forward. We do this simply because we deeply believe that the true value of finance and operations comes from having a deep understanding of the business as an “insider”.

Our team is comprised of eCommerce, finance, accounting, capital-raising & restructuring experts. This combination provides us with the foundational pillars to achieve enhanced results for our clients that typical Fractional CFOs in the DTC eCommerce industry cannot achieve - such as extending cash runway, increasing top-line revenue, increasing profits, and raising capital on better terms.

Our Founding 

Our Co-Founder (Virgil) has always had an entrepreneurial spirit – coming from an immigrant family of a small restaurant business. With a bit of grit and a whole lot of luck, he started his career in one of Wall Street’s top firms, Man Group, as an investment banking analyst where he honed his skill in capitalizing businesses through [insert fancy finance lingo here]. After some years of fortitude in the corporate world, he transitioned to a boutique $2bn private equity, Corrum Capital, where learned to invest and operate in a wide range of industries including consumer brands and startups. During his tenure at Corrum Capital he worked alongside an amazing CFO for a $100M business that would eventually be his Co-Founder (Misty) of GreenSpark.

After Corrum Capital, Virgil had an exciting opportunity to join Bainbridge, a FinTech (fancy term for financial technology startup) for Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce brands. This opportunity gave Virgil the opportunity lead financial services and advise on over $300M+ of aggregate annual revenue across dozens of high growth VC-backed DTC eCommerce brands ranging from $1M to $70M+ in annual revenue. Seeing time and time again that founders were using unspecialized bookkeepers and unspecialized Fractional CFOs –the idea of GreenSpark was ‘sparked’ in his mind.


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